About MBF Grants Expanding access to justice & understanding of the law


Every year, the Maryland Bar Foundation donates tens of thousands of dollars to local nonprofits that share our goals. Our grants support many of Maryland’s
most vulnerable communities, and facilitate work that positively impacts &
changes lives.

View our previous grant recipients to see for yourself – and apply for a grant
while you’re there.

About MBF Awards Recognizing the best of our profession


Maryland Bar Foundation awards recognize the leaders among us – the people moving our profession and community forward.

View our previous award winners and nominate someone you know.

About MBF Fellows Making our mission happen


New fellows must be nominated by current ones, and then approved by the Maryland Bar Foundation Board of Directors. Membership is a testament to these individuals’ commitment to making justice accessible and upholding the integrity of the legal profession.

2021 Maryland Bar Foundation Annual Meeting induction of new Fellows and celebrating award recipients

2022-2023 MBF Board

David Shapiro, Esq.

MSBA President

Jason DeLoach, Esq.

MSBA President-Elect

M. Natalie McSherry, Esq.

MSBA Immediate Past President

Irnande Altema, Esq.

Chair of the Fellows

Manuel Geraldo, Esq.

Vice-Chair of the Fellows

Marla Zide, Esq.


Thomas Weschler, Esq.

Vice President

William Carl Isler, II, Esq.


Diane Feuerherd. Esq.


Hon. Monise Brown

Sarah Cline, Esq.

Alice Chong, Esq.

Hon. Lisa Hall-Johnson

Brian Marsh, Esq.

Pilar Nichols, Esq.

Jessica Quincosa, Esq.

Hon. Mark F. Scurti

Kevin Shepherd, Esq

Jamaal Stafford, Esq.

Hon. Keith R. Truffer

Dana Williams, Esq. 

Regine Francois Williams, Esq.

Bylaws of the Maryland Bar Foundation Visit the MSBA Member Directory to access a full listing of MBF fellows

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